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Winter Course Options

Four types of classes: 

Online: These classes are 100 percent online, done on your time. 

On-campus: Prefer to stay in Blacksburg? Winter Session has you covered. 

Blended: Just as they sound, these classes are a combination of online and in-person elements.

Abroad: We know you are a jet setter, so check out the "Winter Travel" courses (International and domestic trips).

Credit Hours

Students may enroll in six credit hours during Winter Session. With permission, students may register for a maximum of nine credit hours.


In the Time Table of Classes there will be a comment if the class accepts waitlist requests. Email with your request. If a seat becomes available, we will register you and send you a registration confirmation email.


Students desiring to withdraw their enrollment from Winter Session must complete and submit a resignation/withdrawal form.


Course Cancellation

The university reserves the right to cancel courses or sections for which there is insufficient enrollment.


Virginia Tech Students

View and register for classes with the new registration tool, or you can also still view classes on the Virginia Tech Timetable of Classes (just select "Blacksburg" in the campus drop-down menu and "Winter 2022" for the term).


Non-Virginia Tech Students

To view classes, visit the Virginia Tech Timetable of Classes and select "Blacksburg" in the campus drop-down menu and "Winter 2022" for the term. To register for classes, visiting students must first apply for Virginia Tech Winter Session.